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The magnificent lobby of Näsilinna, originally known as Milavida, offers visitors a warm welcome. The ground floor of Näsilinna houses Restaurant von Nottbeck, Café Milavida, and five unique dining rooms. The restaurant is named after the family who had this stately home built, and the name they chose for that estate was Milavida.

The dining rooms have been restored very respectfully. For example, the rooms originally designed as single-gender social spaces are once more decorated as they were when first built. Café Milavida operates in one of these rooms, and another has a bar with a large selection of drinks. In the summer, the café spreads onto two patios that open into the park.

The building’s old walls conceal modern building solutions. Air conditioning guarantees a pleasant environment even on the hottest summer days. Näsilinna is accessible to the disabled, and there is a lift to the first floor.

Maintained by the City of Tampere, Museum Milavida has been welcoming visitors on the first floor of Näsilinna since summer 2015.