Jari Huhtala

Castellan Jari Huhtala acts as the master of ceremonies for events and is in charge of programme services at the palace. He works for his own company, Mediabeat Oy.

Suvi Ahola

Restaurant Manager for Restaurant von Nottbeck
The high-energy manager of Restaurant von Nottbeck is Suvi Ahola, who can be reached at suvi.ahola@nasilinna.fi.

Kristian Vuojärvi

Koskiravintolat Oy’s Kitchen line manager and an executive chef for Restaurant von Nottbeck. Kristian is also working as a Captain of the Culinary Team Finland.
He can be reached at kristian@koskiravintolat.fi.

Tiia Mäkinen

Restaurant Manager for Café Milavida
Tiia Mäkinen is the cheerful manager of Café Milavida. She can be reached at tiia.makinen@nasilinna.fi.